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email lets us keep track of everyone more efficiently. You can reach us at this email address.
Call Tom Smedley the Younger for reservation information at (919) 361-0372.
The street address for the office of Wheat Valley Lodge is:

Thomas D. Smedley
1632 Wheats Valley Road
Bedford, VA 24523

Satellite view

Click here to see a bird's eye view of our property. Zoom out to see where we are in relation to local attractions, such as the Peaks of Otter, the James River, the D-Day Memorial, Liberty University ...

More pictures

Click here to see a gallery of Hawk's Nest Cabin photos.
Click here to see a gallery of Wheat Valley Lodge photos.

Viewing satellites

Click here for a sky map, as seen from this property, miles from light pollution. If you have a telescope, bring it!